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End of the Year statistics for 2014

The year end statistics for the Park City Board of Realtors will be compiled and re-compiled by our statisticians as the stragglers get the paperwork submitted.

In the meantime, Rich Fine has run the stats on the new MLS system and has the following to report according to that new system.

2014 Year in Review for Park City Utah

2343 total sales through the Board of Realtors MLS system.

638 sales in Park City’s city limits, 180 of those are homes with an average price of $1,870,000…up from $1,783,000 in 2013.  For Condos, 374 sales with an average price of $931,000…up from $804,000 the year before.

The area just outside of town limits but still in the school district is referred to as ‘The Basin.’ Here there were 332 homes sales averaging $1,123,000 up from 2013’s $987,000. 264 Basin area condos sold, averaging $516,000, up from $369,000 the year previous.

Deer Valley real estate is always a hot topic, 31 DV homes sold with an average price of $4,122,000, up from $3,276,000 in 2013.  119 Deer Valley condos traded at an average price of $1,736,000, up from $1,588,000.