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Jeremy, Pinebrook, and Summit Park

Jeremy Ranch, Pinebrook, and Summit Park are the three neighborhoods you notice first as you are making the journey from the Salt Lake International Airport to Park City, just after you get to the top of Parley’s Summit (the big hill before Park City).

Summit Park is the first, on the right hand side as you come over the hill. It gets an extra month of winter before and after the season, its a 1000′ higher than most other parts of town. Originally cabin properties, it became the affordable way to be in the states top school district. Now homes in here top $1M.

Jeremy Ranch is next on the left side of the road. This is almost a suburb of both Salt Lake and Park City. A lot of commuters make the trip to SLC for work daily. Not a lot of second homes here, great schools, quiet streets, and big homes with basement playrooms.

Pinebrook, directly across the street from Jeremy, offers the same commuter access, but to the folks that love trees. Pinebrook sits on the north slopes where trees thrive. A little more mountainous, same schools, and a local grocery store, plus restaurants and shops.

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