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Selling your home…what NOT to miss.

This came across my desk about 10 minutes ago, it’s worth sharing.

If you are selling, with me, another agent, in another town, please note these important items before the open house, and for each showing.

  1. Curb appeal – Mow the lawn, shovel the walk and steps, no trash visible, clean windows.
  2. Fresh scent – No cat and dog smell, vacuum, no litter box near the entry door, clean carpets. Make them want to take their shoes off to keep your home nice, but know that some will still keep shoes on and be prepared to clean up before and AFTER a showing. Sorry, that’s just some folks.
  3. Complete the chore – don’t leave unfinished projects in plain sight. No loose wires in the wall, no visible plumbing projects, paint cans, cleaners. Put it away.
  4. Clean up – No dirty dishes, unmade beds, dirty toilets and mirrors. These people may be messy too, but in their mind, they are envisioning a clean start to their new life in your home.